Sheeding is a natural procedure of a snake whereby it discards the outgrown skin. What is left behind is an ultra thin layer of the epidermis with its scales still intact.

Over six million snakes in leather form were imported by the EU from 2008-2017. They had to die painfully and were often still alive when their skin was ripped off of their bodies.

The shedded snake skin is considered useless at this point. The material developed for the EXUVIA collection is animal friendly, sustainable and has much more potential than just the usage for the fashion industry

A material developed with the thought of millions of snakes being put to death every year for their exotic skin. Every existing material can be improved in order to cause less damage on our planet with its unique wildlife. And there is always a way – by whatever means.

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The pattern needed to be adjusted to the width of the skin in order for the scales to be spread evenly. Leather edge paint was used as a design aspect but also to protect the edges of the skin. Due to the full-body shedding of a snake, even the heads could be transformed into design objects. The holes for the seams needed to be punched out by hand using traditional tools of the craftsmanship and the seems were completely made by hand using 2 saddler needles.

The potential that exists inside natural sources is often underestimated nowadays in our fast- moving modern world. In Africa and Japan, indigo has a very long history and is of healing, spiritual and social significance. There exists a saying that implies good luck and positive energy for creating a successful indigo vat, whereas failure leads to misfortune. When the indigo vat is healthy, a so-called indigo flower rises to the top of the greenish-amber- colored liquid. The soaked cloth emerges in a green color which then turns blue by exposure to oxygen. The pigments don’t infuse the fiber, but from layer upon layer the more the fiber is immersed into the vat. Compared to synthetic colors, indigo radiates warmth and a sense of power.