The EXUVIA collection is thoughtfully designed with the highest ecological and social standards, starting at the basic idea, including the finished product which is made for long term usage with carefully considered materials and techniques. The smallest possible environmental footprint is set as the main point in the philosophy of the collection. Design, quality and sustainability are therefore closely connected. Sustainability and fashion are still not following one path together hand in hand. Only one percent of the worldwide produced fashion pieces are declared as sustainable. Moreover, a clear definition of sustainability is missing quite often. It is not often clarified whether social or ecological factors create a sustainable piece. All of the materials used in the collection are sourced and processed ethically and environmentally friendly. Responsible sourcing of shedded snake skin, mulesing-free alpaca wool, and off-cut cotton let the collection stand out without a loss of design. Natural GOTS certified Japanese indigo is used as a dye for the shedded snake skin. Therefore, the product remains 100% natural with no harm to animals and nature. Sustainability starts with the selection of materials and continues in the manufacturing process.

Sheeding is a natural procedure a snake whereby it discards the outgrown skin. What is left behind is an ultra thin layer of the epidermis with its scales still intact.

The potential that exists inside natural sources is often underestimated nowadays in our fast- moving modern world. In Africa and Japan, indigo has a very long history and is of healing, spiritual and social significance. There exists a saying that implies good luck and positive energy for creating a successful indigo vat, whereas failure leads to misfortune. When the indigo vat is healthy, a so-called indigo flower rises to the top of the greenish-amber- colored liquid. The soaked cloth emerges in a green color which then turns blue by exposure to oxygen. The pigments don’t infuse the fiber, but from layer upon layer the more the fiber is immersed into the vat. Compared to synthetic colors, indigo radiates warmth and a sense of power.

Fashion and technology can be linked together in various ways. Customer experience in form of digital showrooms and product development in terms of 3D-printing and micro-chipping are already common ways where technology has found a way to merge into the world of fashion. And even the sector material development booms since more conscious ways of producing clothing and sourcing materials have emerged. Leather cultured in vitro could be a way to end animal suffering, child labor in Asia and pollution of the environment with toxic tanning. Even though this new way of developing a sustainable and cruelty-free material is very cost-intensive and based on a lot of research and the know-how of specialized scientists, the fashion industry is working to produce a cultured leather made for everyone. The improvement of snake leather did not get any attention the past few years. Synthetic materials with the look of snake leather are not sustainable at all. Therefore a new material needed to be developed in order to save millions of snakes from a painful death. The first coloring attemps of the highly sensitive snake skin were not successful, until, with the know-how of a professional indigo-dyer, the right color was set and the complex technique controlled. As a first step the skin needed to be cut open lengthways in order to iron it and spread all the scales evenly. A thin layer of so called “Vliesofix“ was put in between the snake skin and the supporting material consisting of 100% cotton. With a temperature of 140 degrees, the skin was fixed onto the cotton fabric. The pattern of the cloth or accessoire needed to be adjusted to the width of the skin by adding dividing seams.

The developed snake friendly and sustainable snake leather is 100% water repellant, has its own sheen and feels and looks like common snake leather. Hardly anyone will see and feel a difference between the EXUVIA leather and real snake leather.

This outfit is dominated by a short and striking blazer-vest. The soft floating line of the long wool pants, which, combined with high shoes reaches the floor, contrasts the vest. A Y-shape is the result of the tight lacing of the jackets belt made of shedded snake skin. Attached bags to the belt, highlighting the waist, underline the craftmanship of this outfit. The outfit is wearable every day but also to have fun in the evening.